“How To Gain More
Focus, Freedom & 100+ Followers
Without Pushy Sales Tactics..." 

(Even if you procrastinate, hate sales and lack a big email list or following)

Next Webinar Starts on Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 7:00 PM (EST)...

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What is the Webinar About?

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs seem to have the Midas touch? Where everything touched turns to gold. In reality, no one is that lucky, yet Instagram posts and pictures would make you think it was so.
Having the right mindset (meta) gives you the strength, action, habits, and results to endure the ups and downs of the business cycle.  The Focus on You Meta Mindset Webinar explains the purpose and expectations for joining an upcoming  5-day challenge. To take advantage of the challenge will require:
  • Mindset shift in your thinking
  • ​Change in your behavior that pushes you forward
  • ​Consistent and persistent daily habits
  • Engaging with and adding value to the group
  • ​Doing the work and posting in the group
Please understand, you're not living up to your full potential when you engage in self-sabotaging thoughts. The truth is, it's common to be plagued with negative thoughts like:
  • Maybe I've lost my mojo because nobody will purchase my stuff...
  • Maybe I should lower my prices or give it away for free...
  • Maybe I'm a failure and don't have what it takes to be an entrepreneur...
  • ​Maybe this is a waste of time and I should go get a job somewhere...
Whatever your negative self-talk whether past failures or your current situation, I want you to do me a huge favor, Stop it, RIGHT NOW, Stop it!  Regardless of your current situation, you must adopt the right mindset and act like a profitable business owner even when your bank account says otherwise. 

Here is a fundamental key, you gotta be like Elsa from the movie Frozen and LET IT GO.  The good news is that you are here on this page and once you register for the webinar, get ready to be blown away, not by useless information, but real information that leads to transformation.  Are you ready? During the 90 minutes webinar, we introduce you to the most potent mindset-altering event of a lifetime.  

A bold statement? Absolutely, but we have the social proof, keep reading.  Just imagine, in less than 7 minutes a day over five days, we'll show you how to shift from a distracted mindset to a focused meta mindset; so you can get clear on what you want, overcome anxiety and limiting beliefs, and start living a life by design, not by default.

How can we make this claim?

Over the past two decades, we have worked with over 50,000 individuals and helped them to achieve remarkable outcomes.  As a results, we decided to share our expertise and the award-winning formula with you during the Focus on You Mindset Challenge.

Who Can Benefit from "The Focus on You Mindset Webinar: How to Gain More Focus, Freedom & 100 Followers..."

  • Entrepreneurs: Itty Bitty Email List Committee members struggling to sell their amazing offers.
  • Experts: You have experience but not attracting the attention or authority of your audience; you just need an opportunity to shine.
  • Coaches: You want to build relationships with your audience and sell authentically, not with funnels, because you feel blindsided by complex technology.
  • Business Owners: You have tried multiple courses and coaches, yet your bank account does not reflect your invested money.
According to an article in Rollin Stones Magazine (March 15, 2022), "Staying focused is how to succeed in business and life. The old saying “Keep your eye on the prize” says it all.  Focus is your ability to direct your attention.  We will show you how stay focus regardless of the distractions around you.

Freedom is a subjective term that has multiple meanings and individualized, what is a freedom to one could be bondage to another.  There are four primary types of individual freedoms: Time-Freedom, Health-Freedom, Financial Freedom, and Spiritual-Freedom.  Collectively, these freedom truths allows us to be holistic, healthy, and happy.

Are you attracting the right followers?  Too often we think that having a huge following will somehow translate into huge profits.  While this may be true for a select few, the reality is, most of our followers either ignore our posts or don't see them at all due to some weird secretive algorithm.  There is a way to change this, and make sure that you are getting the right type of followers that want to engage and see what you have to offer them.   Sounds good?

Finally, let's not forget about having fun during the five days challenge.  When was the last time you actually had childlike fun?  Let's be transparent for a minute, for most of us, fun is missing in most of our lives.  We are not talking about waiting a year or two to take a vacation, we are talking about waking up each morning and being intentional about doing something fun.  We want you to have fun interacting in the group and doing your daily challenges.  

Have you heard about this interesting fact about laughter? 

Researchers at the National Library of Health in 2008 discovered that laughter can build muscle tone and decrease blood pressure up to 45 minutes after you stop laughing?  See, having fun that includes laughter is like having a great workout without getting sweaty; unless you like that.  No judgement here...  In the video below, Anne and I discuss the purpose and benefits of attending the webinar:


“How To Get [Desirable Thing Your Ideal Client Wants] In Just [X Days/Weeks]!”

(Even if you can’t [thing that’s stopping them achieve the desired thing] or [another thing that’s stopping them from achieving the desired thing])

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

  • How to master the art of focusing your attention on getting the results you want.
  • You’ll get the simple 5-step formula for building a profitable revenue-generating business.
  • You’ll discover the ridiculously easy way to build your email list – even if you don't know  a thing about list building from sending a text message!
  • You’ll find out what is keeping you from having more focus, freedom, and finances in your life and what you need to do to start getting better results!
  • ​Why it’s NOT your fault that you procrastinate and get easily distracted. We will show you how to virtually break free and get excited about doing tasks that you use to  put off or avoid!  After the webinar, we invite you to join the 5-day challenge.

When you join the Challenge, you'll get...

Daily training

Daily Live Training & Assignments

Each day during the Focus on You Mindset Challenge, you will have access to the Live  training sessions, assignments to post in Telegram for group feedback and accountability.
Private Group

VIP Private Networking Group

When you upgrade to VIP, you get access to the private Focus Meta Mindset Revolution networking group, previous recordings, and opportunities to network with others in the private VIP group.
Q & A Night ap discussions

VIP Nighty Recap with Live Q & A  

As a VIP, you will get personalized feedback on any specific challenges or questions you are having during the challenge. VIP students get special bonuses.
This event you don't want to miss.  We'll be covering a wide range of useful content on how to gain more focus, finances, and 100+ followers without pushy sales tactics in just 5 days.  So by the end of the challenge, you will have the tools and resources to focus your attention on attracting the right type of followers, and build a pathway for getting your clients results.  Save your seat today...

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

  • How to master the art of [topic] to [get benefit] in as little as [timeframe]!
  • You’ll get the simple [number]-step [system/formula/process] for [getting some benefit] – this is the same [system/formula] countless others have used to [get great results], and now you can too!
  • You’ll discover the ridiculously easy way to [get benefit] – even if you can’t tell / don’t know a [niche object] from a [totally unrelated object]!
  • You’ll find out what [one thing] [is creating bad results for you] – and what you need to do [to start getting better results/avoid this bad thing]!
  • ​Why it’s NOT your fault if [you have bad result] – and what you can do starting today to [get good result]!

You Deserve to Live a Life By Design, not by Default...

Meet Your Host, Lyman A. Montgomery, PhD, MBA

Dr. Lyman "Focused-Driven" Montgomery is a Focused-Driven Sales Strategist, International bestselling author and has trained and coached over 50,000 authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

For the past 25 years Dr. Lyman has been helping authors, Coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs unlock the doors to higher sales from the platform and how to attract and retain high-value (ticket) clients so that they can a focused-driven life they’re truly excited about.

In this life-changing webinar, Dr. Lyman will guide you through the 5 proven ways to unlock  the doors to more focus, time freedom and finances in your life and business... without high-pressured sales tactics that make you seem bossy, pushy, or overbearing.

This essential training session has helped hundreds of coaches, speakers, trainers, and entrepreneurs around the world, and is yours to enjoy...

Meet Your Co-Host, Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC

Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC, is a Global Mindset Strategist, an award-winning author, Hollywood actress, regular TV and radio guest, and social media influencer with over 170,000 followers.

For the past decade Scottlin has worked with hundreds of clients around the world in workshops, retreats and one-to-one, helping them get un-stuck in their businesses and lives through The Meta Mindset. 

And now Anne has partnered with Dr. Lyman Montgomery to bring you this one-of-a-kind webinar, the Focus on You—Meta Mindset Challenge!

In this extraordinary opportunity, Anne introduces you to new tools and techniques through her 4-part, Meta Mindset model. 

You will learn new strategies to help you maximize your business, profits and self-awareness so you can live a focused-driven life you are truly excited about.

PLUS... Get These Powerful Free Bonuses valued at over $397. When You Become a VIP...

Meta Mindset Playboob

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Focus On You Meta Mindset Playbook System (Video Recordings, Morning Tea Huddles, Night Cap Discussions and JVs.

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The Focused Acceleration Success Blueprint Collection (E-Book, Audios, Playbooks, Live Group Coaching)

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The Find Your Joy Journal is a powerful tool to elevate your Joy Awareness, change your life and  world.

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Here’s What Clients Are Saying...

""I came to Anne as an entrepreneur in need of strategic positioning and a fresh approach to and establishing authority in my space...I wouldn't be where I am today without you!""
Sam Becker, CA
"I knew I wanted to accomplish more, this challenge gave me the push I needed to reach my personal and professional goals..."
Mark Anthony Garrett, OH
"Anne Scottlin is a dynamic combination of leader, strategist, visionary and implementer...She brings a high caliber of excellence...with everything she does.""
Dr. Marla, Parker, CA

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