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Focused Acceleration Success Transformation (F.A.S.T.) Coaching System

It's time to take your life and business to the next level...
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  • Focused Driven Affirmation Activator. These are short 7 minutes videos/mps files wto  jump start your day so you feel inspired, focused, and productive throughout the day. Retail value, $67.
  • The Focus Box.  We will ship to you a physical box with three of our best-selling books, Focused Driven Action Guide, Lifestyle Journal, and autographed Focused Driven Lifestyle book and other focus agents to help you stay focused and productive. Retail Value $297.00
  • Focus Driven Business Accelerator.  Everything you need to start, grow and protect your business.  Think of it as asset protection for your business.  Retail Value, $1,427.
  • Focused Driven Networking & Communication Bundle. We take you behind the curtain to show you exactly how to generate qualified leads using the power of social networking and turn your social media into a virtual ATM. Retail Value, $1,397.
  • 55K in 90 Days Blueprint.  This blueprint will show you how to generate 55K or more in 90 Days or less using our proprietary profit-maximizer blueprint. Retail Value, $797.
  • 15-minute Focused Discovery Call.  The purpose of the call is two-fold: Findout what you are currently doing to focus on growing your business, and the biggest distraction(s) that you face in reaching your goals. Once we identify your challenges, we will offer you at least two proven strategies to improve your conversions or eliminate the distraction hold you back from reaching your goal(s).  Retail Value, $397.
  • Bonus: Two tickets to our upcoming three-day live event. LIVE Your Focus Encounter (LYFE) Conference. Retail Value, $794.
  • And much, much more...
  • As you can see, the total retail value that you get is $5,176.  
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